What is K-9 Nose Work?

Dogs love nose work. A fun, mentally stimulating activity based on your dog’s extraordinary sense of smell and natural desire to search and explore, nose work training also profoundly strengthens the unique bond between you and your dog.


K-9 nose work is a team sport based on detection training principals geared for companion dogs. Your dog develops complex searching skills in multiple environments while you learn how to observe, support and communicate with your dog.

Nose Work is great for....

  • Any dog, of any size, personality, ability or ‘special needs’, with a nose.

  • Confidence building for shy dogs, helping them develop the skills to explore and feel safe in new environments.

  • Training for fun or to work towards competing in Nose Work trials.

Warning: Nose work can be highly addicting and provides endless opportunities for growth and skill development for your dog and you.

Nose Work Classes

All 6 week sessions
Please see our calendar for all upcoming classes.
To sign up for a class, please email Camilla directly to schedule.


Intro to Nose Work

The Foundation principles for developing search drive concepts and patterns.

Dogs learn to search independently in multiple environments.

Humans develop handling skills, observation of scent behavior and support their dog’s search behavior.

Intro to Odor

Must complete Intro to Nose Work classes.

Builds on the foundational search skills.

Introduces 1-3 target odors: birch, anise and clove.

Develops “Odor Significance”  with the target odors.

Dogs and humans expand their search skills in multiple environments.

Continuing Odor

Must complete Intro to Odor classes.

Increased difficulty and complexity of search areas.

Continued development of search skills for your dog.

Continued development of handler skills.